• Lighting
    How to Make Your Own Desktop V-Card Video LightsDiy%20desktop%20video%20lighting%20setup 400x277px
    Need an affordable lighting setup for Skype, live streams, or video podcasts? Check out this easy to build solution!Read More…
  • Promotion
    Tuts+ Celebrates 20,000 Free Tutorials!400x277 yellow
    We're excited to announce that 20,000 free tutorials have been published on the Tuts+ network since our launch in 2007. Check out some of our favorite tutorials from the last few years. Read on and join the celebration!Read More…
  • Woodwork
    How to Make a Simple Wooden Doormat Rsz 1doormat finished 2
    This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple yet modern wooden doormat that is perfect for any home. Read More…
  • Woodwork
    How to Upcycle a Simple Picture FramePicture%20frame%20preview
    How to turn a simple, inexpensive picture frame into a frame worthy of your next masterpiece.Read More…
  • News
    In Memory of WinkWink portrait
    We're paying tribute to one of our regular craft instructors, Wink, and sharing how you can post your thoughts and memories of a wonderful member of the craft community.Read More…
  • Crochet
    How to Tunisian Crochet Wash ClothsAcreativebeing wink tunisian wash cloths preview
    These adorable wash cloths will be a joy to use because of their interesting stitch definition. Bonus: they're easy to make!Read More…
  • Babies and Kids
    Kids Craft: How to Make Your Own Paper Hand-PuppetsPaper%20hand%20puppets preview
    Download the free printable templates we created for you, and make your own paper hand puppets in just five minutes. Read More…
  • Embroidery
    Create a Block Letter Embroidered Baby BibEmbroidered%20bib%20 %20preview%20image
    When you think of infants, you think of the iconic alphabet blocks of your childhood. In this tutorial, we'll be embroidering a monogrammed bib with those iconic blocks.Read More…
  • Shibori
    How to Make a Shibori Envelope ClutchShibori%20clutch preview
    Learn how to make an impressive indigo envelope clutch from scratch. First, dye some plain white fabric using natural indigo dye and an easy tie-dye method. Then, transform it into a clutch with a few stitches. Ready, steady, indigo!Read More…
  • Embroidery
    How to Make Over a Viennese Chair With EmbroideryChairmakeover final400x277
    Giving new life to something old and well used is my favourite game. This Viennese café chair replica came together with my new house. It's been lying around for ages until I found the right way to change its life! In this tutorial you will find out how to metamorphose an old chair using some yarn, a spray can and embroidery stitches!Read More…
  • Business
    5 Fundamental Photo Editing Tools to Get to KnowPhotography editing preview image
    When it comes to photo editing, there's no right way to go about it, or even one tool or another that is essential to use each time. There are, however, some fundamental tools that can improve how a photo looks and correct minor mistakes with elements like exposure, colour and composition. Today, we’re going to talk about these fundamental tools and the order they should be applied in.Read More…
  • Embroidery
    Embroidery Fundamentals: How to Transfer PatternsPreviewimage
    Once you've practiced some beginning stitches, it's time to find some inspiring patterns and get stitching! Find out some great options in transferring your patterns to fabric to set you up for success in your embroidery projects.Read More…
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