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  • Woodwork
    Make Your Own Modern Wooden Mail OrganizerRsz img 1404 600x457
    Always losing your mail and keys? This wooden mail organizer can help you put an end to that!Read More…
  • Blog
    500 Video Courses on Tuts+400x277 article thumb
    We've just published our 500th course and we're celebrating our course milestone all this week with a free course and free files from Envato Market!Read More…
  • News
    Learn on the Go, With the New Tuts+ Courses Android AppUntitled 1%20copy
    If you want the flexibility to learn new skills wherever you are, then take a look at our Tuts+ Courses Android app.Read More…
  • Crochet
    How to Make a Crochet FlowerWink crochet flower preview
    Crochet flowers are quick and fun to make, and a must in any crocheter's pattern arsenal!Read More…
  • Felting
    Fundamentals of Wet FeltingWet%20felt%20preview
    Wet felting wool is a centuries old craft used to make everything from tents to clothing. This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to felt wool roving into a beautiful piece of fiber art.Read More…
  • Graphic Design
    Design an International Women's Day Wall Decal in Adobe IllustratorPreview tut illustrator cc iwd by miss chatz 01
    Make a big statement stick out, by creating a wall decal for International Women's Day. Whether it's for your home or business, decals are great way to decorate any environment. You can customize your own style too.Read More…
  • Business
    5 Steps to Taking Great Photos of Your Craft Using Window Light Photography using window light preview image
    Make the most of the windows in your home or office by using them to take great photos. Read on to learn how to set up the scene, choose the best time of day to shoot, and control the light. Window light also teaches us a lot about shadows and how to use them to enhance the details, depth and features of our craft. Read More…
  • News
    New Opportunity for Freelance Writers at Envato StudioStudio
    Are you a freelance writer? Are you looking to get more business? If so, read on to find out more about a new opportunity at Envato Studio.Read More…
  • Shibori
    How to Make Indigo Dip-Dye SneakersDip%20die%20sneakers preview
    You probably already know that indigo is the hottest trend in fashion and decor, right? This is maybe why you would like to learn how to update your pair of white sneakers. Give them a dip-dye indigo look by following our step by step instructions.Read More…
  • Woodwork
    How to Make a Modern Wooden BirdRsz img 2522 600x450
    Who doesn't love our little avian friends? Learn how to make a simple but modern-styled three-dimensional natural wooden bird...Read More…
  • News
    Apply to Be the Next Tuts+ Course Producer (Audio/Video Production)!Audioforvideo
    We’re looking for a new Course Producer to help instructors produce top-quality video and audio for their Tuts+ courses. Find out more about this exciting job opportunity, and learn how to apply.Read More…
  • Business
    Make and Use a Light Tent to Take Great Photos of Your CraftPhotography make a light tent preview tent
    When shooting your craft photos, if finding a good setting and soft lighting around your home or office is a frustration of yours, then a DIY light tent might be a simple solution. Making your own light tent is ideal for the crafter who shoots in a small space, is on a budget or needs to freshen up their photos. Here's how to do it in ten easy steps.Read More…
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